MxLinux – Metano Linux, a new distro choice!

Metano Linux is a software platform that is mostly based on open source code and powers mobile devices such as the HP iPaq and mobiles phones,such as Motorola Rokr E6 and Nokia N900 . Metano Linux platform has been developed by Angelo S. “angelox” M. Bartolome in collaboration with many open source projects such as the Linux kernel , Opie , and many more. Our system is developed to take a performance of a PC on a simple phone,or a simple PDA. With it,you’ll can install PC softwares,listen to musics,watch films and movies,manage your files,read e-books and much more! Our graphical ambient is Opie,a complete and powerful open source graphical user environment for PDAs and embedded systems,we should soon use too the Aurora Framework.Metano Linux is  developed to ARM devices,so it’s very probable you’ll can run it in your phone running Windows CE,or in your HP iPaq device! Our distribution started about a old phone,the Motorola A1200e,and now,it can be compiled for a lot of devices!

It nows take another name (maybe this isn’t the definitive name,we can change it),a simple choice like “MxLinux”,this name is based on the first ‘working’ version of Metano Linux (Metano Linux X) and the Linux name,to show that it really uses the Linux kernel.

A bit of screenshots to show our system in a working version.

As you can see it’s functional,running Opie 1.2.5 and using a ‘dark’ color scheme. In this version you can use internet from your PC into the phone,install programs and switch between languages.

This’ll be released soon! Thanks!


About barklome

This is angelox's (or barklome) personal blog. Talking about Embedded Linux things,Free Software Things,and tutorials about how-to-use free software.
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