R&D Mode on N900

If you don’t use proprietary  software for your mods on N900,so you use 0xFFFF as flashing tool! The keyboard backlight behind the left and right side of the keyboard flickers in response to system activity. What should you do? No,isn’t cry,neither this quick fix. Just disable the R&D mode of your phone! Simply!

Power it off,run 0xFFFF tool and be happy 🙂

[root@mlinux n900]# 0xFFFF -r 0

It will return anything like:

Waiting for device... 26 found!
found n770/n810/n900 (0421:0105)
No software version detected
HW revision string: 'prod_code:RX-51,hw_rev:2204'
SubVersionString autodetected: '2204'
Root device is: flash
Device's USB mode is 'client'
Current rd flag setting:
disable OMAP watchdog  : set
disable RETU watchdog  : set
disable lifeguard reset: not set
enable serial console  : not set
disable USB timeout    : not set

rd mode changed to off

Just unplug the USB cable,and power it on again! Hehe,no more problems!


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This is angelox's (or barklome) personal blog. Talking about Embedded Linux things,Free Software Things,and tutorials about how-to-use free software.
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