Hi everyone. I want to introduce here FSO’s new project, Aurora.

“The aim of aurora is to replace zhone and zhone2 as development UIs for FSO. From the viewpoint of a middleware architect, it’s essential to have clients available that use the various features of the FSO services. In the past, FSO has been too much developed without considering how the features will actually be used by the API consumers. Zhone (and its successor Zhone2) is currently an oversimplified approach based on a non-maintainable Edje file. We have now decided to develop a new testing/demonstrator for FSO named Aurora. ” Tells FSO about Aurora

There isn’t too much about it in the internet,so i want to show some screenshots here.

It’s under development,so how can you see,there isn’t too much things.

 We’ll draw our own components,following this API. Maybe you can help us to improve Aurora,since our project is open-source based,using GPLv2 license,you can find the source-code anytime in our git repository.

Settings App is mostly developed in my branch ( angelox/testing ) and everything else in master branch. We are using right now, Python,Vala and Qt/QML.


About barklome

This is angelox's (or barklome) personal blog. Talking about Embedded Linux things,Free Software Things,and tutorials about how-to-use free software.
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