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C++ – Count how much letters the phrase has

Hi people! This can help you when doing a exercise! This little bit of code will help you to find a letter in a phrase. And when find it,increase a counter. This will help a lot when studying C++. for(int … Continue reading

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Classes em C++,Hello World!

Oi pessoal,voltei meus estudos ao C++,muito tempo sem praticar 🙂 Bom,vamos começar com um classico Hello-World: #include <iostream> // A biblioteca padrão do C++ using namespace std; // Definir namespace padrão para C++ int main() { cout << “Oi pessoal!” … Continue reading

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Aoura – Web-Browser for Aurora

Hi people! I started a Web Browser called Aoura for the Aurora Distribution! It’s QtQml WebKit based,but i’m not sure if the Aurora team will like it,it’s quite simple,but i hope it turns big in the future! Here i show … Continue reading

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Vala Helloworld!

Vala HelloWorld! Here i want to show a simple HelloWorld-based app written in Vala!   Hi Everyone! I’m starting my studies in Vala programming language,and i want to tell how i’m going 🙂 So i start posting a simple helloworld,that … Continue reading

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Metano Linux closes down!

Unfortunately i’m here to say that,the project Metano Linux has been closed down. These days i had no time to work with it,also my Motorola A1200 is too bad to develop anything. I thank everyone who have helped my to … Continue reading

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