Aurora 0.1 Released

Hi all. I’m glad to tell you: Aurora 0.1 has just released! In it’s first version,it has just one functionality,the only one everyone need in a phone,the telephony feature. Aurora came to be a client for the architecture. We hope(at least,I hope) that Aurora,someday,turns a full-smartphone-featured system. Aurora is not just a GUI,just a CLIENT,it’s whole a linux-based distribution. Settings App hasn’t come yet in that release,but in next,you’ll see it working (hopefully) 🙂

In the same day we had released the first Aurora version,we did choose another date(in this case,month) to the next release of Aurora,the 2011.12. We should:

  • Include Settings Application
  • Rewrite aurora-daemon in Qt/C++
  • Switch from oe-class to oe-core

That’s all. As I already did say,if can provide any help,just tell us!

See you!


About barklome

This is angelox's (or barklome) personal blog. Talking about Embedded Linux things,Free Software Things,and tutorials about how-to-use free software.
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