Welcome to  Angelox’s blog! You can know me as ‘angelox_123’ or just ‘angelox’ or just you can don’t know me.

I’m a simple embedded system programmer,making free and useful software with free and open-source tools! This blog will show you,how i see the open-source embedded world and how can i (try to) help to improve it! There’s a bit of me at whole the internet,and i’ll try to show it here!


  • Started with Embedded Development in ~2009,trying to do some Java ME Apps
  • Learned a lot when tried in ~2009 make something with a well-know phone, Motorola A1200E,a EZX Device,ARM Based.
  • Got a lot of help when joint to IRC, was a newbie,today i still a newbie,but a bit less than when i was starting
  • My English was a really shi*,i couldn’t explain the difference about “You are” and “You is”,now i know which one is incorrect 🙂
  • Some years passed and i’m here,with some skills in Embedded Programming,and in others programming languages,like Java,ShellScript,C,C++,Qt/QML.
Got commit access on a project,the FSO’s Aurora Project,which is very important for me. Trying to make my project(Metano Linux) a good thing to the embedded world.

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